The land was acquired by the Muslim community in the early 90´s. At the beginning it was intended to be a small self-sustainable community with an Islamic ethos. A mosque and market were projected and small ecofriendly housing was built to house some of the families living on the farm. Around 20 families lived on site for a period of 10 years. Due to some unresolved ownership issues the project was abandoned and all the families moved out. Since then almost 20 years have passed. The main building has fallen into decay and the land has become overgrown with shrubbery. However, from a farming perspective it is a land full of potential and with all the requirements to become a thriving and regenerative food source with the added benefit that no chemicals or industrial fertilizers have ever been used on the land. The issues regarding ownership have long been fully resolved and the Comunidad Islamica en España is the lawful owner of the land.