The complete plan
  1. BUILDING Qur’an School: This is an independent self-catering building including lecture room for Quranic studies and Islamic Sciences as well as accommodation for male students and (initially for) teachers. Female students will have sleeping quarters in a separate building.
  2. BUILDING Residence: This building is destined for the accommodation of temporary students and residence of in-house teachers.
  3. BUILDING Lecture Hall: A multi-functional building housing a large lecture hall and smaller class- rooms on the upper floor.
  4. BUILDING Workshops: This building is dedicated to the development of guilds and productive activities related to the farms produce and needs, such as canning, essential oils, carpentry, etc.
  5. Swimming Pool: Natural swimming pool with untreated water which will double as a reservoir for irrigation.
  6. Sports Grounds: Sporting grounds for the benefit of students and visitors.
  7. Garden: Flower and ornamental garden. This area will be a sitting area for visitors and will have an herb garden and medicinal plants.
  8. Vegetable Garden: 1.5 hectares of organic vegetable garden following permaculture principles. The goal is to cater for the needs of the Alqueria and also to sell off-site and produce an income for the farmers.
  9. Ornamental Pond: The water that is used in the main buildings will be filtered and recycled and fed into this pond. It will be home to fish and ducks which will make this water a valuable fertilizer.
  10. Animal Farm: The farm animals will be kept in this area. Chickens, sheep, goat, cows and other animals will be raised for land management and meat production as well as other resources.
  11. Stables: The paddock and stables are alongside the neighbors plot, who also has horses and may be kept and cared for together.
  12. Food Forest: This larger plot is farther away from our water source but there are possibilities for harvesting rain water nearby. The long term plan is to establish a food forest and expand the vegetable garden.
  13. Rain Water Reservoir: A deep ravine carries many liters of rain water during the rainy season and is offloaded right across our land rendering it useless for cultivating. We want to create a water catchment reservoir to slow the water and redirect it for irrigation and increase the arable land.


Building 1
Building 2
Building 3
Building 4
Permaculture Farm