Work on the buildings started in 2019 when many members of the local community came through to help with cleaning and tidying as far as was possible. A few large paellas were prepared and everyone enjoyed a productive day at the farm.

Since then we have been slowly working on different parts of the building and land. There is a lot of work to be done but we have come a long way since the heavy building work commenced last summer.

The goal at phase 1 is to complete the construction and decorating of the first building. This will house the madrasa and lodging for students and the teacher. This area will be independent from the rest of the complex and will have its own kitchen and bathrooms. The main hall is both the study room and prayer hall for everybody. Included in the first phase is preparing the plots for planting the vegetable garden along with the outbuildings necessary for farm operations. Some fruit trees have been planted and we will begin expanding as the vegetable garden becomes established.

Building plans

Building facade

Plan of the building